Five Mindfulness Habits to Adopt for a Happier New Year

To kick off the new year, this  blog aims to put you on the best path to making the next year your most mindful and joyful one ever! I’ve selected five of the best mindfulness habits I know of to bring more happiness and calm into your life. I’ll outline them here and you might like to […]

How to Bring Daily Mindfulness Into Your Workplace

I’d like to inspire you to bring mindfulness practice into your workplace and your daily work life. It can be simpler than you think. You can, of course, do your own meditation in your lunch breaks and do mindfulness practices at work (such as the STOP breath practice) – I hope many of you already do these […]

How Savouring The Moment Can Mindfully Help you to Worry Less

Some recent research from the Greater Good Science Centre at Berkeley found that savouring the enjoyment or satisfaction of your experiences can really help to reduce worry, anxiety and stress. What this means is that, at times when you’re suffering from anxiety or great worry, savouring is a really helpful technique to help you feel […]

How to Know if You’re Helping Too Much (or Too Little)

This blog is for those of you who help people, either for work or in an unpaid capacity – so that also includes parents, grandparents, carers, volunteers or activists. Now we don’t always have a choice in the helping and caring that we do – e.g. you can’t always quit your job, or stop caring […]

Six Ways to Simplify Your Life

Over on my Mindful Parenting blog, Feed the Parent, I’ve been writing a lot about simplifying family life so as to reduce overwhelm for parents and cut stress for kids. But it occurred to me that EVERYONE could do with simplifying and slowing down life a little just to cope with the onslaught of digital […]

How a Simple Deep Breath Can Do Wonders

Here’s a really simple and quick practice for you to try this month to help you be calm and present throughout the day. It’s as simple as… Taking a Deep Breath!  Many of you will have learnt the STOP practice when you did a workshop or course with me. This is a practice to do […]

Fear and Elections

Are you feeling a bit freaked-out after the shock election of Donald Trump as US President? Here’s how mindfulness can help us deal with the fall-out. It’s all about fear. Donald Trump was elected because he validated and soothed many American’s fears about their job insecurity, about over-population and refugees (‘we’ll build a wall’), about […]

Emotions are Okay – Despite What You Learnt as a Child

Many of us were taught as kids that it was not okay to feel strong emotions – high excitement, anger, sadness, fear were all frowned upon. Settle down, be quiet, pull yourself together, we were told. But the problem with that is we learnt to bottle up our emotions or try to get rid of […]