Mindfulness is not just about being more effective at work or feeling less stressed at home. It’s about helping more of us to be happier members of the community and able to contribute to making our world a better place. Finding happiness through mindfulness means we are able to offer our joy to others and generate positive energy to good causes. A more mindful person also tends to be more compassionate about helping those in need, according to this recent research in the USA.

Avista Mindfulness is a social purpose business. Our mission is to help as many people as we can to free themselves from the stress and suffering of life challenges and unhelpful mental habits through practicing mindfulness, meditation and compassion (to self and others). We believe that once people free themselves of their limiting habits and beliefs and form a better relationship with their challenges and pains, they are then able to contribute more positively to a better world - where we have a healthy and safe environment, and justice, respect and prosperity for all people.

As part of our mission Avista Mindfulness gives a portion of our profits to the following charities contributing to a better world:

Environment Victoria - amazing campaigns towards a healthy environment for Victoria, Australia

Bodhicitta Foundation - doing beautiful work to provide education and health for women and girls in the slums of India

Quit Coal & Friends of the Earth - courageous campaigning for an end to fossil fuels in Australia