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Avista Mindfulness offers workplace mindfulness training courses and workshops tailored to the needs of the organization.

Workplace mindfulness courses are designed to help staff be more effective and happier in their jobs, reduce their stress levels, be more focused, and improve their communication. We use a combination of guided meditation (in the sessions and for home practice) and informal mindfulness activities like:

  • mindful meetings
  • mindful emailing and phone calls
  • mindful walking and mindful movement, and
  • mindful eating.

Sessions are generally run during the workday in a venue on-site and involve groups of 10-15 people.

Daily home practice is encouraged and guided audio meditations and workbooks are provided.

Contact Suzie Brown to discuss your workplace's needs.

Recent clients have included the Victorian Departments of Health & Human Services, and Education & Training, Bethany, the Transport Accident Commission, Hume City Council and Karingal Community Services.

What participants say:

The practice of mindfulness has assisted me in becoming more productive, improving decision-making skills and working more creatively - Participant, Department of Human Services

The mindfulness training has given me the skills to see the stressful situations, acknowledge them and let the
emotional reaction pass without unduly affecting me - Participant, Department of Human Services

It has given me a greater sense of calmness and clarity both in the workplace and outside, heightens my
appreciation of the simple things of life and encourages me to give thanks for these -  Participant, Department of Human Services

I found the meditation exercise to be very relaxing and beneficial, and can see this becoming part of my de-stressing routine. I particularly liked the part where we were encouraged not to think, just focus on breathing, and emptying our minds of any worrying thoughts (I tend to re-live stressful moments or problems all the time!). - Participant, Department of Education & Training

The woman who ran it, Suzie Brown, was very good, with a calming manner ideally suited to this type of activity. I would recommend this type of activity get repeated. Participant, Department of Education & Training

I thought the session was absolutely fantastic. Participant, Department of Education & Training

It provided some great strategies for dealing with stress and helped me understand how your body reacts to stressful situations. Participant, Department of Education & Training

I thought it was great. I felt that I was a lot more present for the rest of the day, definitely more chilled, and I had a fabulous night’s sleep!   Participant, Department of Education & Training