Instant Feel-Good Factor: the Power of the Mindful Smile

Intentionally adding the mindful smile to your day could make your day a whole lot better. Here’s why: when we smile, a burst of endorphins is released in our brain. The process is as follows: when a nice thing happens to us and our brain feels happy, endorphins are released and neuronal signals are transmitted to your […]

How Welcoming Stress will make you Less Stressed!

Some fascinating research at Stanford University has found that our attitude to stress is a huge determining factor in how harmful stress is to our health, happiness and productivity at work over time. In a nutshell, if we avoid stress and think it’s bad for us then, when we inevitably go through stressful events, it […]

The best apps to help you meditate

There are loads of helpful Apps available for your phone or tablet that are really useful in helping you to meditate more or for longer. Here are just a few of our favourites (they’re all free of course!). Insight Timer This simple App has a timer with meditation bell sounds that you can set to go off […]

5 Ways to Avoid Burning Out in Your Job

Could you be at risk of burn-out? If your work involves helping people or making change then you’re at a higher risk of burning out. But anyone who has a high intensity, stressful job is at risk. Find out what the signs of burn-out are and how mindfulness can help you bounce back. Who is at […]

Did you know that a wandering mind is less happy?

Daydreaming has always been thought of as a pleasurable pastime, but actually too much of it can make us less happy. A Harvard University study found that “ a wandering mind is an unhappy mind”. The study’s researchers used an app to track whether or not people’s minds were focused on their present activity at random times […]

Yes meditation can help you feel good! Try Loving Kindness.

We humans are born with an innate tendency to notice the negative or problems (so that we can try to fix them). This is thanks to our ancient biological heritage. Some people have this tendency more than others, often because they’ve been ‘trained’ by their upbringing to notice what is wrong, or to think they’re not good […]

Top 5 Ways to Use Mindfulness to Get More Done at Work

No matter how productive you are, if you aren’t focusing on the most useful parts of your job that produce the results you’re after, then getting more done won’t make a huge difference to your success. So before you get down to work you need to identify which activities in your job are actually worth […]

How to Cope with Sleep Deprivation

First up in my new Mindful Parenting blog series is an old favourite of mine – coping with sleep deprivation! This is a crucial skill for parents of babies and young children, depending on what sort of sleeper your child is. But this is also relevant for anyone who suffers from sleep disruption or insomnia at any […]

Use Mindfulness to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us make new year’s resolutions each January but when we look back at our list, we haven’t stuck to most of them! Why is that and how can mindfulness help you achieve more of these resolutions? What’s on your new year’s resolution list? If it’s anything like my list, it’s got things like: […]

How Gratitude Practices Help You Be Healthier and Happier

You hear a lot about gratitude in mindfulness circles. It’s a bit of a thing lately. Maybe some of you think it’s a bit forced, like we’re making ourselves feel grateful about things when we don’t really believe it. When you have difficult events in your life like the loss of a loved one, poor health, a […]