Why practicing gratitude for mindfulness can help you be more mindful!

Part 6 in our Six Step program to making meditation a habit in your life

After this year working on trying to make meditation a habit in your life, hopefully you’ve had some success with meditating more regularly. And perhaps you’ve had more moments in your day where you connect to the present, feel the breath, do a STOP practice, ground yourself?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve managed to meditate everyday or hardly at all – let’s take a moment to be grateful for our moments of mindfulness.

Right now, close your eyes (after you’ve read this!) and remember some of those mindful moments you’ve had in recent months. Meditations you’ve done at home, or with others at a class. Times where you’ve felt really connected and present – walking on the beach or at the park? With a child? Just sitting? In the bath?

As you recall these moments, breathe into the feeling of those connected moments and, from your heart, offer gratitude for those moments. Really feel a simple thanks for having had those moments. Try it now.

….OK, so did that feel good? Or peaceful? Grounded? Calm? Did you feel a hankering for some more moments like that? Practicing gratitude for our meditation and for moments of presence is a wonderful way to move us to do it again, and again! You can have those moments any time – just close your eyes and breathe…

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